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Rottweilers, White Swiss Shepherds, French Bulldogs

Just a little info about my self. My name is Clinton Naidoo, I live in Durban, South Africa . Hailing from a family of dog lovers, dogs have always played a big part in my life. I am a member of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa, I am also a Committee member of both the Zululand Kennel Club and Northern Natal Kennel Club. I entered into canine activities almost fourteen years ago breeding Rottweilers and then commenced my show career by exhibiting White Swiss Shepherds(WSS), a new breed recognised by KUSA After which I added KUSA registered Rottweilers to my Kennel and have successfully exhibited both breeds. This all started because of the love that I have for dogs.

My wife, Vashnee Naidoo , nephew Sashin Naidoo and I have been keen exhibitors for the past ten years ,we have exhibited our dogs at almost every show in South Africa making breed champions of most of the Rottweilers and White Swiss Shepherds (WSS) that we own. I am also currently training to be a Breed show judge of the working and herding groups and in time I hope to become an All Breeds judge, I have judged at several open shows in South Africa.

All our dogs are home-raised and not kept in kennels, They are an important part of our family , the Rottweilers and White Swiss Shepherds (WSS) viewed on this web site do not live together, we believe that there should not be more than four dogs on a property . Each dog should have individual attention and it is my personal belief that you can not give more then 4 dogs sufficient individual attention in 1 house hold at any one time, So between our family members , each house hold has a few dogs, and I personaly train and show these dogs. They are all part of my Vaston Ice Kennel. When it comes to breeding we are very selective, we strive for excellent structure, temperament and health. We produce a limited number of puppies and we breed for Quality NOT Quantity.

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